Waley-Cohen, Sam


What is your elixir of growth? A Dentistry case study

Using case studies from dental service CEOs, this session explores how outpatient groups best pursue growth. Does bigger always equal better?  What is the right balance between acquisition and greenfield? How should your brand appeal to different customer groups? How do you calculate the  value in adding new services? Bob Fontana, Chairman and CEO, The […]


We are witnessing the creation of major dentistry chains across much of EMEA and in countries like India. But what are the risks? Topics include: regulatory change, payor mix, demand, new treatments and internationalisation. Panellists to include: Ben Faircloth, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting (Overview presentation) Louis Shakinovsky, Chairman, shareholder, co-founder Global Dental Services (Clove). Since its standing […]

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