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New medical services for Africa

An African temporary medical staff agency, international telepathology for diagnosing cancer and a cloud-based HR service are among the new projects from Corvus Health, the new for-profit business launched by Katherine Tulenko, an American with 15 years experience in health care services in emerging markets. She is a speaker at HBI 2018, April 10-11, 2018 in London. We explore the projects.

Doctolib raises €35m for German and French expansion

French medical appointment bookings platform Doctolib has raised $42m (€35m) in its second round of funding in 2017. We speak to co-founder and CEO Stanislas Niox-Chateau about the deal and how he will grow his platform, as well as how this deal values his company.

Where is the genetics industry headed?

The company to offer the first thousand dollar genome claims it will soon have a monopoly in genetics to rival that of Amazon in retail. In doing so, could Veritas Genetics finally deliver on the false promises of the industry and revolutionise healthcare as a whole? 

Median looks to ehealth

We talk to Andre Schmidt, CEO of Median, the largest inpatient rehab group and a major player in psychiatric conditions about digital health and outpatient. In 2017 the pension fund payors approved a legal framework which allows them to pay providers for ehealth and for sessions delivered remotely.

First “open to all” NHS-funded telehealth primary care app launches

Telehealth provider babylon has launched the first NHS funded telehealth primary care service which is open to all patients, with a 'GP at hand' app that promises NHS tele-consultations within two hours and face-to-face appointments within a day. Now and Evergreen are also working with the NHGS but offer more limited options. We talk to babylon.