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KRY ‘steals’ patients as it moves into capitated model

Swedish B2C telehealth player Kry has registered 14,000 patients in its first health care centre in Sweden, which comes as it's been forced into the capitated funding system. The start-up has been criticised for not making it clear enough to patients that they would be de-registered from their physical healthcare practice.

COVID-19: The view from Africa

Africa needs to come together to find a solution to the COVID crisis, which has proved to be as much an economic one as a healthcare one - and cannot and should not rely on help from outside. This was the view of an expert panel which convened online to discuss COVID-19, healthcare more generally, and African economics.

Mediclinic shareholder invests in low-end primary care triage platform

Invenfin, the venture capital arm of Mediclinc investor Remgro, has taken a stake in a primary care provider that aims to serve the 40% of South Africans that are employed, but uninsured. National HealthCare Group says its Whatsapp triage solution can cut the cost of primary care by up to two thirds and that Remgro will now encourage roll out in its portfolio companies.

Ramsay Santé to start capitated digi-physical primary care experiment next year

Ramsay Santé speaks to HBI about its plans to become France's first capitated healthcare provider as it imports Capio's model of primary care by opening five clinics in Q1 next year. CMO Francois Demesmay tells HBI that the funding model will allow the group to better leverage digital health innovations that focus on prevention and monitoring.

Medgate plans accelerated rollout in Germany after Rhoen JV ends

Swiss telemedicine player Medgate tells HBI that the end of its joint venture with German hospital group Rhoen Klinikum will allow it to roll out faster in Germany after the Asklepios takeover slowed down the project. HBI also checks in on the partnerships between other big hospitals and their telemedicine partners.

European operators brace for second wave

COVID's second wave looks either imminent, or is already starting to hit in many jurisdictions. Wave one saw lockdowns and closures - and not all closures were temporary. Will wave two be any different? HBI has been talking to operators across EMEA to see if forewarned is forearmed, how they predict the next few months will go, and what lessons have been learned.

Mehilainen ‘spinning off digital arm’ as Pihlajalinna deadline looms

Finnish healthcare group Mehilainen is spinning off its digital consultancy business into a separate company which would make it easier to sell off in future, a senior banker tells HBI. An analyst adds that raising cash this way makes sense considering what has happened since it offered to buy competitor Pihlajalinna.

Interview: Jan Leister, executive director of digital health, Fresenius Helios

Fresenius Helios has a new incoming digital health executive, who after heading up the Fresenius Group's German rehab business for the past four years wants to disrupt the way it manages chronic disease by transforming it from a pure hospital operator into a digi-physical healthcare group. Leister tells HBI that he wants to sell its digital therapeutics solution Curalie right into emerging markets.

BIMA raises $30m as it hits 2m teleconsultations in emerging markets

BIMA, an insurance and telehealth platform working in nine emerging markets, has raised $30m to increase penetration in those markets. It already has 35m insurance policies and has run 2m teleconsultations. HBI speaks to CEO and founder Gustaf Agartson. 

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