75 years on: is the future of the NHS private?

The UK NHS was once globally revered, but cracks are showing as it marks seventy-five years and a question mark hangs over its future. HBI asks half a dozen experts what role for-profits have in its future - and whether it will it last another 75 years.

Opportunities in diagnostic imaging and teleradiology

The imaging sector presents a significant opportunity for private investors and operators, given its strong fundamentals and low levels of consolidation. Speakers on the ‘Opportunities in diagnostic imaging and teleradiology’ panel at HBI 2023 were particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity in Germany and France, and about building teleradiology platforms.

17 things we learned at HBI 2023: Our key insights and takeaways

Our annual conference took place earlier this week in London. Over a jam-packed three days of HBI 2023, an impressive array of delegates from across Europe and beyond gathered in the heart of London and shared their insights into the myriad challenges and abundant opportunities the sector faces, and offered their views on how some of them might be addressed. Here are some of our key takeaways.

IK Partners to take UK teleradiology provider Medica private

Listed UK-based teleradiology provider Medica is being taken private by PE firm IK Investment Partners, which has made an offer of £269m to buy all of the group’s shares. Medica has accepted the offer, which was 32.4% higher than the group’s average market cap over the past three months.

Cinven looks to take Synlab private as Covid boost falters

Frankfurt-listed Synlab could be about to be taken private following a non-binding full takeover offer earlier this week. With its full year results released yesterday and facing questions about its plans, HBI asks market experts what they think of the move.

Affidea subsidiary IMI denies cartel involvement, whilst Unilabs accepts fine

Portugal’s competition authority has accused the country's four largest teleradiology groups of involvement in a cartel for public hospital teleradiology tenders during the years 2015 to 2018. The companies involved include Unilabs subsidiary Dr. Campos Costa, which has admitted involvement, and Affidea subsidiary Imagens Médicas Integradas, which denies involvement.

UK teleradiology booming due to NHS backlog

The UK’s teleradiology sector will see continued sustained growth over the next decade as the NHS attempts to deal with its elective care backlog and outsources more and more radiology work. 

Recchi replaced at Affidea

Giuseppe Recchi is stepping down as CEO of Affidea, Europe’s largest imaging company. The new CEO will continue the company’s ambition to expand into more European markets.

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