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Dubai Health Authority to cover three most common cancers

Local operators say they are impressed by plans from Dubai Health Authority to extend mandatory insurance cover to include the three most common forms of cancer.  But they would like to see it crack down on massive medical wastage and fraud. 

NMC Health enters Egyptian hospital sector through management contract

London-listed London-listed NMC Health has entered the Egyptian hospital sector through its management contract with UAE-based Emirates Healthcare Group, which has bought a stake in one of the top two players there. Local outlets have misreported this as an NMC acquisition, who spoke to us to clarify. Here we give more background. 

NMC reveals plans for expansion in 2018

London-listed GCC healthcare provider NMC Health plans to expand in GCC through small acquisitions, expand further into MENA, and potentially move into other emerging market countries through operation and maintenance contracts (O&M), while expanding its fertility segment globally. We speak to NMC to find out more.

Mediclinic – new CEO and break up valuation

In an unusual move, Mediclinic has appointed its chief medical officer Dr Carel Aron (Ronnie) van der Merwe as CEO, replacing Danie Meintjes, who has held the post since 2010. Meanwhile we ask what Mediclinic’s break up value would be? The group is currently valued at £3.95bn on the London Stock Exchange.

Interview: Shamsheer Vayalil, CEO, VPS Healthcare

VPS Healthcare, the GCC/Indian hospital and generic drugs group, with 2017 sales of about $1bn, plans to IPO within 2-3 years. Meanwhile, it wants to invest $150m in Indian hospitals. VPS founder 40 year-old Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, has also just launched a private equity fund Trovant Capital which has made its first investment buying a hunk of Amanat, a GCC fund which is investing (rather slowly) in healthcare and education. We caught up with him in London.

For-profit medical education – a survey

Public sector education is failing to build the nursing and doctor capacity that is needed around the world.  We talk to academic Kevin Kinser at PennState University in the USA who specialises in tracking the for-profit tertiary education sector about the sector in general and about healthcare specifically.  This is part of a series of articles on medical training and the private sector.