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Kry continues to build health network

Livi, the UK and French brand of Sweden-based digital health and primary care provider Kry, has extended its contract with insurer Vitality. The group’s COO explains why partnering is key to digital-first providers.

EU’s AI Act gets the greenlight from the European Commission

Despite opposition, the AI Act seems to be ploughing ahead right on schedule. This week, two key groups of lawmakers - the European Commission's civil liberties (LIBE) and internal market (IMCO) committees - gave their overwhelming support for the new law, which should come into force this summer.

The London Clinic opens rapid diagnostics clinic

The London Clinic, a large private hospital in London, is opening a new diagnostics centre just across from its main site in Harley Street, London, to deliver fast diagnostics services to patients wanting to skip NHS queues.

Interviews: CCO and Wellbeing Director at Riverstone

Resting somewhere at the intersection between hospitality and care sits the burgeoning niche of luxury retirement villages. HBI sits down with the wellbeing director and chief commercial officer at London-based independent living facility Riverstone to learn more about this budding market.

Voyage Care names new CEO

A new CEO for Voyage Care - the UK’s largest provider of support for people with learning disabilities by revenue - has been named. The successor is current CCO at UK nursing home operator HC-One, Mike McKessar, who will assume the position early this summer.

EU states approve AI Act

In December, European policymakers gathered in Brussels to hash out the first framework for AI regulation. Despite threats to derail it, all 27 EU member states have now given it a collective thumbs up - but concerns around overregulation, bureaucracy, and the stifling of innovation remain. 

UK pharmacists given green light to prescribe as primary care can’t cope

Pharmacists in the UK now have the right to prescribe for common ailments such as sore throats and earaches. In France, Ireland and Portugal pharmacists also have some prescribing rights and similar initiatives may be introduced in other European countries in the near future. Is this a solution to the GP workforce shortage? And will it be a good thing for private hospital and private primary care groups?

HCA UK adopts Versius surgical robotic system in UK first

The rise of the robotic surgeon marches on. In a UK private sector first, hospital group HCA UK is adopting the Versius surgical robotic system. HBI speaks to an expert from UK-based consultancy Candesic to find out more.

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