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Cigna sells Medicare business for $3.3bn

Last week, US health insurer giant Cigna finally offloaded its Medicare business - which manages government-back health insurance for over 65s - to insurer Health Care Service Corp (HCSC). The $3.3bn cash deal finally putting industry rumours of a megadeal with rival insurer Humana to bed.

Strikes and workforce malcontent set the tone for 2024

One week into the new year, and it’s already painfully clear that personnel problems persist. As a tide of industrial action by healthcare workers sweeps across the UK, HBI speaks to two market experts for their predictions about the workforce crisis going into 2024.

Gilde Healthcare acquires stake in Swiss Dental Solutions

Capital investor Gilde Healthcare acquires a majority stake in Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) through its private equity fund. SDS aims to accelerate its growth in both Europe and the US and become a world leader in the emerging market of ceramic dental implants.

New AI act could stifle EU innovation – but benefit the UK

After 38 hours of deliberation, a long-awaited deal has finally been reached in Brussels. HBI speaks to three market experts to understand what the AI Act - the comprehensive European framework for AI innovation and regulation - could mean for the future of healthcare in Europe.

Cigna and Humana deal off

Contrary to speculation that a deal would be announced by Christmas, two of the largest health insurers in the US - Cigna and Humana - will not be merging to form a $140bn giant insurer. After reportedly failing to agree on a price, Cigna is instead reportedly planning to buy back $10bn worth of shares.

Cigna and Humana “in talks to merge”

Two of the US’s largest health insurers - Cigna and Humana - are reportedly in talks to merge. A stock-and-cash megadeal could be announced by the end of the year, but any deal will likely attract the interest of the regulator.

Fresenius Medical Care deconsolidation completed

The deconsolidation of multinational dialysis giant Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) from German health care conglomerate Fresenius Group has been completed. This means FMC is now a regular limited liability stock corporation; Fresenius Group still holds the largest minority stake (of 32.2%) in it but no longer has control over, nor unlimited liability in it.

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