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FREE BLOG These aren’t green shoots of recovery. This is a tree

If anyone was looking for green shoots of recovery in the healthcare services M&A, they wouldn't have had to look very far this week. Deals for European imaging and cancer treatment provider Affidea and fast-growing German and Swiss ophthalmology group Sanoptis, together with a multi-billion euro bid for Australia-based multinational hospital giant Ramsay Health Care are set to give the sector a real boost.

FREE BLOG Fight or flight?

When faced with a life threatening situation, a boost of adrenalin surges through the body and triggers a fight or flight reflex. Recently, we’ve observed a similar situation where companies have been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

FREE BLOG Big may not be so beautiful after all?

We've previously written blogs about how big, when it comes to companies, is beautiful. Controlling the pipeline by vertical integration, diversifying into other areas and spreading risk, and not having all of your business eggs in one geographical basket is generally seen to be a good thing. So why are we increasingly seeing businesses focussing on their core markets - and looking to sell of anything considered more peripheral?

FREE BLOG Subscription Healthcare: Seizing the Opportunity, HBI 2022

Almost every healthcare operator wants to move from delivering episodes of care to more continuous care delivery with much more constant patient touch. Ultimately that enables the sale of a continuous subscription and so much higher quality earnings. That is one reason why outpatient chains like Terveystalo and Medicover trade considerably higher than hospital groups.

FREE BLOG Women leading in health care

The health care sector is dominated by women. They make up around 70% of the health care workforce - so why are there so few in senior leadership positions?

FREE BLOG Here’s to Sophie!

Media firestorms exposing poor treatment in for-profit nursing homes have occurred frequently over the last decade. Normally companies respond by chucking their CEOs or by sitting tight-lipped and threatening to sue. Not Sophie Boissard at Korian.

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