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FREE BLOG Is Acute’s little brother Rehab coming of age?

HBI has just finished a deep dive into the rehabilitation sector. This small, fragmented, poor relative of acute care is often ignored by operators. A perception of low margins and a reluctance among acute hospitals to refer on to rehab cannot be helping. But things are changing, and new markets are opening up.

FREE BLOG Arab Health: All bark and no bite?

Once a year, over 80,000 healthcare operators, providers and experts gather at Dubai's World Trade Centre for four days of Arab Health. According to suppliers, it's the event at which payors and providers begin to think about what they might like to purchase and where they might consider expanding.

FREE BLOG Is the bottom line really to blame for nursing home failures?

A new scandal is erupting in the care home sector. A Nordic nursing home has been found to be falling far short of the standard of care its residents have the right to expect, and an angry public wants someone to blame. Yesterday, the CEO of Finland’s largest nursing home group by revenue fell on […]

FREE BLOG Blockchain is transforming health insurance in Emerging Markets

A five-week pregnant woman in Singapore today can take out a S$79 insurance policy with MetLife to cover gestational diabetes (GDM). If 12-weeks later her blood glucose tests comes back positive, her nurse can input that affirmative data on the system and the patient is immediately sent S$500 from her insurer.

Unregulated markets: red flag or opportunity?

We hear that Europe's biggest unregulated healthcare market is overhauling its healthcare system to clamp down on 'pirate' operators in the legally grey area of nursing homes. But the problem is seen across many sectors and many emerging markets generally where regulation is lacking.

FREE BLOG Primary care disrupted by patient choice

Primary care is one of Europe's most underdeveloped markets, despite many practices being owned and run as private businesses. Private equity has largely steered clear and the market is yet to find another consolidator. Reform is underway in parts of Europe giving patients more choice in primary care and outpatient settings, however - and this could disrupt the market.

FREE BLOG Here’s to entrepreneurs

As with any for-profit sector, entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of health care services, although they keep a particularly low profile in this industry - for obvious reasons.

FREE BLOG The Saudi dichotomy: opportunity or risk?

When you talk to anyone about the MENA healthcare market, it’s very hard to steer the conversation away from Saudi Arabia. It’s awash with potential – but is the Khashoggi case having the cooling effect some in the region feared?

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