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FREE BLOG Grim pandemic outlook sees homecare business booming

This is an auspicious time for the medicalised homecare sector, albeit for a tragic reason. Providers of drugs, medical equipment such as oxygen, and healthcare services to the patient's home see a COVID-fuelled boost in demand over  the next few years.

FREE BLOG You cannot have strong healthcare and a bad economy

The solution to Africa's healthcare problems - cruelly highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic - lie not just in improving its healthcare infrastructure, but on improving the continent's financial independence, and weaning it off its outside relationship. You can't easily have strong healthcare and a bad economy.

FREE BLOG For-profit university hospitals: trophy assets or businesses?

Running a university hospital was recently described as a 'dream' of one hospital-owning billionaire in Europe. But the available data shows most such ventures in Europe are loss-making. So are they little more than a trophy asset for entrepreneurs - or a worthy attempt to give something back to the community for little to no (financial) reward? 

FREE BLOG Is private equity finished with Finland?

This week Finland's competition authority has opposed CVC-backed Mehilainen's proposed takeover of Pihlajalinna saying that the group would hold at least a third of the private market. With so much consolidation, coupled with the effective end of SOTE reforms, we're unlikely to see any more private equity deals go down in the sector. 

FREE BLOG Covid: The good news from Sweden

Is herd immunity a thing? The obvious place to look to answer that is Sweden where the weekly infection rate is more or less flat with 1-2 people dying a day.

FREE BLOG HBI-365 is ready for liftoff

Each week, we bring you our take on what's happening in the world of healthcare services. This week, we're going to allow ourselves to be a little self-indulgent. We know a global healthcare services network is a compelling prospect - because we asked what you wanted and you told us. And now we've built it.

FREE BLOG The hotelier model is a threat to digitalisation

Many of Europe's large hospital groups have now - by will or force - started to seriously consider how outpatient and non-acute care can be treated remotely. However, when each doctor decides what and how any digitalisation is implemented then any strategy will be fragmented. That means groups directly employing their doctors are much likely to get ahead.

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