FREE BLOG COVID: What is the price tag of this war?

The UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence is hated by big pharma and has been copied by governments across the world. Given the latest paper from Imperial College on who is affected, how would NICE cost-justify the global Covid response?

FREE BLOG Insurers and the future

Bupa's results demonstrate the problems with building an integrated healthcare offering that combines insurance and service provision. What are others doing and what is the future?

FREE BLOG Paying the price of the COVID-19 outbreak

HBI has been talking to a lot of operators and analysts this week about the COVID-19 outbreak. Whatever their assessment of the current effect on their sectors is, one thing is clear: it is already impacting businesses and things will get worse before they get better.

FREE BLOG NMC on the critical list. Will the patient recover?

The patient may not be dead, but he’s certainly in a critical condition. Can the UAE’s largest for-profit provider survive further scandal and return to fitness – and how have things gone wrong so quickly for the FTSE-100 Middle East flagship? Are there salutary lessons to be learned from the company’s fall from grace? Who is to blame?

FREE BLOG The path to UHC is paved with good intentions. What it needs is cash.

According to the WHO, at least half of the world’s population lacks access to essential health services. All UN member states have agreed to try to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030 – but some of those already embarked on this journey are finding the going tough and the price hard to swallow. Is greater involvement from for-profit groups the answer?

FREE BLOG Are we already seeing the end of the purely digital player?

Europe's biggest digital health players all started out as consumer-facing tools to help the patient navigate the healthcare system. Now a handful of the most established brands are moving into physician and system facing tools through acquisition and integration of physical providers.

FREE BLOG Why German nursing home operators won’t be rattled by a single regulation

The first month of 2020 has already seen a couple of deals go through in Germany's most competitive healthcare market. Even a new regulation which came into force in September last year which stipulated that at least 80% of rooms in all facilities must be singles appears not to be dampening market enthusiasm for already established homes. Why is it so buoyant?

FREE BLOG Don’t be an Emma

The future for office workers is ugly: hunch-backed, sallow-skinned, with swollen sinuses, puffy eyes and varicose veins. The results, researchers say, of sitting down for eight hours a day. Yet we're only just seeing the emergence of occupational healthcare designed to prevent poor health in the service economy. Is this a huge gap in the market?

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