FREE BLOG EBITDAC: A somewhat dubious term

It first became common parlance in a viral Tweet but is now starting to creep into the balance sheets of companies across Europe. EBITDAC has been described as a "generously redefined version of ex-COVID EBITDA" and it's dangerous for debt calculations.

FREE BLOG COVID-19 winners and losers

We now have much greater clarity on the impact of COVID-19. As our online survey shows certain sectors, notably elective, private-pay have been truly walloped. The recession should hit them again. Other sectors, particularly those dependent on public payors in rich countries will suffer far less damage.

FREE BLOG Join me and the CEO of Diaverum on Tuesday 

COVID-19 is forcing all of us to explore new business models and as a content business we are no exception. I'd like to invite you to join us on Tuesday for our inaugural online event: an interview and Q&A with Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO of global dialysis player Diaverum.  This will just be the first in what is an ambitious schedule planned for summer and autumn 2020.

FREE BLOG The impact of COVID on for-profit health care

Here at HBI we are in the middle of a detailed and ambitious project on its impact on the industry we track. How and where will COVID affect hospitals, labs, nursing homes and the twenty other sub-sectors that together make up for-profit healthcare?

FREE BLOG Why can’t anybody find an antibody?

This week the British government has admitted that the three million antibody tests it bought from China don't work. Spain, Czechia and Slovakia are in a similar position. Touted as key to exiting the restrictive lockdown across the world, there was also hope that they would be a saving grace for lab groups stuck with falling volumes.

FREE BLOG COVID: What is the price tag of this war?

The UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence is hated by big pharma and has been copied by governments across the world. Given the latest paper from Imperial College on who is affected, how would NICE cost-justify the global Covid response?

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