FREE BLOG Operators enjoy good summer but second wave jitters obvious

Private healthcare operators across Europe and elsewhere are seeing better-than-usual summer months as they play catch-up on the second quarter. But none are confident this will continue into the autumn and winter months as Europe enters an early second wave of COVID-19.

FREE BLOG Could COVID’s legacy be one of change?

Perspectives on the lasting effects of COVID-19 differ drastically depending on who you talk to. Policymakers and councils funding the most vulnerable providers warn of real ongoing damage to parts of the health and social care sectors. Investors and entrepreneurs, while counting the human and financial cost, can also see some opportunities. Who should you listen to?

FREE BLOG COVID reshapes the sector

Here are three recent quotes which would have been unbelievable in January. "We realise now that we can manage with half the 140 consulting rooms we had planned" Henrik Schødts, deputy CEO, Nordsjællands Hospital.  "We have seen telehealth rise 500%" Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe.  "We are doing 80% of our emergency consultations by telehealth," Dr Peter Thomas, director of digital innovation and consultant paediatric ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. 

FREE BLOG Is M&A back in business?

COVID has clearly had a chilling impact on healthcare services M&A over the last few months. Some deals have fallen through. Some M&A-focused teams have seen their numbers paired. Some deals are simply on hold. As we emerge from lockdown, however, HBI hears there are positive signs of returning to business as normal.

FREE BLOG Looking for easy wins post acquisition

How you add value to a business – especially post acquisition – is a hotly debated topic and is even more to the fore in these hopefully soon-to-be post-COVID times. But are there easy wins? Panellists at HBI's latest Big Picture debate on Wednesday thought so.

FREE BLOG If integrated managed care systems are so great, why aren’t they everywhere?

CVC might be about to create a major integrated managed care system in Greece. Its target is the insurer Ethniki, and should it succeed HBI understands it would become the dominant player in Greek healthcare services, with competitors potentially frantically scrambling to merge and acquire to make up lost ground. So why hasn't this happened more in Europe?

FREE BLOG Too big to fail?

Can a business ever be too big to fail? It’s a phrase which we often hear on the newsdesk. Sometimes, an operator deals with so many patients and is fundamentally so interwoven into the fabric of a country’s healthcare system that it seems integral to it.

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