FREE BLOG Agency models look easy to disintermediate

How would you describe a for-profit healthcare group which basically takes people away from jobs in the public sector and then hires them back to the same employers in exchange for a fat fee?  How about parasitic?

FREE BLOG Go forth and multiply. Cautiously.

There are multiple ways to value a company. Savvy sellers know this, and will pick the one(s) that paint their asset in the best light, ably assisted and abetted (though not in the criminal sense, of course) by a bevvy of banks beavering away to beautify their business and create a competitive process.

FREE BLOG Are you scared of Google yet?

Google is in the middle of a healthcare data grab. Details of its project to handle the data of 50m Americans through hospital group and insurer Ascension were revealed this week, just a couple of weeks after it announced the $2.1bn acquisition of Fitbit - a deal that is essentially also about data. The tech giant is just about reaching a point where its datasets are comprehensive enough to inflict real damage on the service sector.

FREE BLOG New HBI pipeline tool reveals long-held investments 

Nearly a third of all private equity-owned health care businesses in Europe have been held for at least five years, according to the new HBI Deals Pipeline tool. That suggests many private equity houses are struggling to sell on their investments.

FREE BLOG Can one person change a healthcare system?

This week the market is reacting to the news that Unilabs' CEO Jos Lamers is transitioning away from a full-time role. The managed succession, where senior management will still report to Lamers for long-term strategy purposes, means it will retain a familiar face in a figurehead position. Why is this important? Can one person ever mean so much?

FREE BLOG Why “digital” shouldn’t replace the human touch

Digital enthusiasts are right to be optimistic, but tech solutions are not a panacea. In the Nordics, countries are refining big data and laying the foundations for large-scale preventive healthcare. In France, online companies are tentatively eliminating healthcare silos and in the UK, apps and Skype calls are filling the gap in provision for mental health services. But the hype for digital solutions can lead providers astray.

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