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Saudi’s $1tn+ NEOM megaproject “poised to redefine the future of healthcare”

Saudi Arabia's $1 trillion + futuristic megaproject NEOM is not just aiming to build something unprecedented from an engineering, architectural and urban design perspective. Its plans for shaking up healthcare are equally radical. We spoke to Mahmoud AlYamany, NEOM’s Sector Head, Health and Wellbeing, to learn more about this.

DrDoctor partners with MBI to tackle waiting lists with AI

UK-based health tech companies DrDoctor and MBI Health have partnered to help hospitals better manage their elective care waiting lists. DrDoctor’s founder Tom Whicher explained to us how MBI’s patient stratification tools will help in the work they are doing aimed at transforming the way patients interact with secondary care and easing healthcare shortages.

Healthcare Activos raises new fund worth €650m

Pan-European Spanish healthcare real estate investor Healthcare Activos has launched a new investment fund worth €650 million. This is the REIT’s second fund, and will, in contrast to the first fund, be primarily focused on making investments outside of Spain and Portugal. Jorge Guarner, Activos’ President and Founder, tells us more.

The UK’s missing middle market for dementia care

HBI recently reported on the looming dementia wave, which most countries are poorly equipped to tackle. In the UK in particular there is a huge gap in provision of care home places for people with dementia of medium severity. Eilert Hinrichs, Partner at L.E.K. Consulting, a strategy consultancy, recently co-authored an executive insight about this problem. He shared some ideas with us about what can be done about it.

TVM Capital raises $250m to invest in Saudi

TVM Capital Healthcare, an emerging markets PE firm based out of Singapore and Dubai, has raised $250 million to invest in the ongoing transformation of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector. The PE firm says that, when combined with co-investments from its partner base, it expects a total of $400-500 million to be mobilised by its Afiyah Fund, making it “the largest of its kind”.

“Nice words, but less money” — new Dutch government announces healthcare prospectus

The newly-formed far-right Dutch coalition government of the PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB parties this month laid out its agreed policy programme in the document ‘Hoop, Lef en Trots’ (‘Hope, Courage and Pride’). While the agreement expresses the new government’s intention to improve healthcare accessibility and make the sector more attractive for workers, it also outlines substantial budget cuts that have raised concerns among healthcare industry groups.

India’s journey from a nurse-surplus country to nurse-deficient country

The world is facing a major healthcare workforce crisis. The effects of shortages are already being felt across both developed and developing countries. By 2030, the World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts a shortage of 10 million health workers globally, predominantly in low and lower-middle-income countries.

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