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UK care homes up for sale after court battle

Private equity firm Terra Firma has put 24 care homes up for sale in the UK for £225m (€256m), following a court case in which US-investment fund H/2 Capital partners disputed their ownership.

Telehealth sells B2G for the first time in Denmark

A Danish-telehealth provider has signed a contract with a regional health authority to help deliver online consultations, which it says makes it the first digital health company to sell B2G in the country.

For profit UK-based GP service launches in London

A small band of NHS doctors has begun offering 30-minute consultations and handing out their mobile numbers to patients for £1,200 a year, as part of a new private scheme based on a US model. We speak to Dr Mark Sweeney, director of Concierge Choice UK which is behind the move, to find out more.

Capio board accepts new Ramsay offer

In a move which effectively creates the first serious Pan-West European hospital, Capio's board has accepted the increased offer from Ramsay. The deal creates a player which is top player in France and Sweden, a top 5 in the UK with a foothold in Germany.