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Medicover buys hospital in northwest Romania

Listed European and Indian outpatient, hospital and lab group Medicover has expanded in Romania by acquiring an independent 130-bed hospital in the northwest town of Oradea. We talk to local contacts about the deal.

Kry: The Business Model

Here we look at the business model deployed by Kry, which together with Medgate and babylon, is one of Europe’s largest player in the delivery of digital healthcare. The Swedish company claims 2% of all doctor primary care visits in Sweden (350,000 since launch) and has since spring 2017 opened in Spain and Norway with a series of other openings planned in 2018 and pilot permission in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg.  So what does it offer, who pays and how does it see the policymaker and legal debate around digital health rolling out across Europe?

Medgate AI project to cut costs by 30-40%

Digital healthcare pioneer Medgate is evaluating opportunities in Germany and other European countries. A chatbot based on the 12 million telehealth sessions it has held over the past 19 years is in development and will be launched at the end of 2018 and should reduce costs by 30-40%, Medgate CEO and founder Andy Fischer tells Healthcare Europa. 

Mehilainen sold to CVC

Mehilainen, the big Finnish occupational outpatient group has been sold in a deal valued at around €1.8bn to CVC by Triton and KKR. We talk to Mehilainen CEO Janne-Olli Järvenpää about the deal and growth plans. Will he look outside Finland?

Romanians turns down Acibadem

We hear that a big Romanian healthcare service group recently turned down a bid from Acibadem, the Turkish (and now Bulgarian) hospital group owned by IHH, the Pan-Asian hospital group. Meanwhile, the Bucharest hospital market is hotting up.

How off-the-shelf telehealth packages help operators

Off-the-shelf packages which enable healthcare providers to roll out telehealth solutions are becoming available. Players like Doctrin, Medgate and eConsult promise massive productivity gains with 80pc of primary care cases dealt with by chatbots and chat triage with doctors or nurses. We talk to Magnus Liungman, CEO of Doctrin, a Swedish outfit which is used by healthcare group Capio and […]

Affidea buys in Portugal

Affidea has picked up Imagens Médicas Integradas, one of the few remaining mid-sized independent imaging groups in Portugal. 

Hope for tariffs in Portugal

Portuguese for-profit operators say they are optimistic that the leftist government will not introduce swingeing tariff cuts. 

London private market crashes

The private pay market in London has crashed with international patient flows falling by 30-40% in two years. The news is symptomatic of a broader shift towards treatment in home countries in many emerging markets. Big US academic medical centres are also being hit. Meanwhile new entrants will increase London operating theatre capacity by nearly […]