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Homecare business model focuses on partnerships for profit

Spanish medicalised homecare specialist Qida has developed a business model that it claims could bump margins in a traditionally low margin market. We speak to the company's founder and CEO about its model and how it plans to tackle the biggest challenges in for-profit homecare.

How far can telehealth deliver primary care?

Today, telehealth delivers up to 7% of all primary care in Europe. What of tomorrow? Major providers say they want to provide up to 80%, but is that realistic? HBI examines the evidence and speaks to a telehealth startup making impressive inroads.

Bespoke PMI targets “gap” between traditional insurance and NHS

New entrant to the insurance market Perkbox boldly claims to have invented a new form of PMI. We ask the company to explain more. For the last four years, Perkbox has been an employee benefits platform, partnering with high street retailers to provide shopping perks for employees. Companies - both SMEs and larger groups such […]

Gilde Healthcare raises €200m fund for European healthcare providers

Healthcare-specialised private equity firm Gilde Healthcare launched its third fund last week worth €200m. The fund, Gilde Healthcare Services III, will focus on lower mid-market healthcare providers and medical product suppliers in the Benelux and DACH regions. Gilde is currently invested in nursing home operator Stepping Stones, domiciliary care, occupational healthcare and a number of […]

Four Seasons secures more funding as search for buyer drags on

Four Seasons, the UK's third largest care home group by revenue, has secured further funding from its creditor, US hedge fund H/2 Capital, to tide it over until a sale. We speak to a market adviser about the issues investors will be encountering when looking at this asset. It has been officially up for sale since November last year.

The trouble with forecasting growth in nursing homes

Listening to providers across the board, one would think forecasting growth is simply a matter of predicting demographics. Add political and regulatory limitations and you've got a pretty accurate picture of how the market is going to develop. In actual fact, we think predicting growth is a far more complex equation, where growth limiters will play a far more prominent role than providers would have us think.

Ukraine healthcare reform in doubt

The future of Ukraine's wide-sweeping healthcare reforms is in doubt after political manoeuvres to oust the country's acting health minister. 

Selling whole genome sequencing to consumers

Javier Echevarria, CEO, Europe and LatAm of Veritas International (VI) has one of the most interesting challenges in marketing - how do you persuade wealthy consumers to spend around $2,000 on predictive whole genome sequencing (WGS)?  He has a broad canvas - his remit is to sell across LatAm, UAE, Europe and Japan.

10% of French labs consolidated in 2018

Over half of France's laboratory sites now belong to the market's seven biggest players after rapid M&A activity saw 10% of all sites consolidated in 2018. More deals are on the horizon.

Advinia “looking for investor to grow company” say sources

HBI understands from sources that UK nursing home Advinia has hired Macquarie to advise on options for the company going forward, including looking for a strategic investor to grow the company. We speculate on who any such investor could be with the help of a market source.

Armonea-Colisee merger creates fourth largest nursing home group

Belgian nursing home group Armonea has merged with French rival Colisee after months of preparing for a sale, creating Europe's fourth largest nursing home group. We hear from a reliable source that this is effectively a takeover by the French player.

Medicover acquires hospital group

Medicover has acquired a neonatal and obstetrics hospital group in for €70.5m, expanding its integrated care network.

A new European healthcare-specialised REIT in the making

Spanish real-estate investor and financial healthcare specialist Healthcare Activos has appointed a new CEO in preparation for its European expansion next year. We speak to the founder and former CEO about the company's plans, which include becoming Europe's newest healthcare-only REIT.

Diagnostyka partners with symptom checker

CEE's largest lab company Diagnostyka has partnered with digital symptom checker Infermedica in a bid to capture patient flows and leverage the data it collects.

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