Interview: Volker Wendel, CEO, Sanoptis

Dr. Volker Wendel founded Sanoptis in 2018 in Switzerland. Six years later, the group has grown to more than 400 locations across six European countries. Wendel explains to us how the group is able to add value to ophthalmologists who join the network and shares which areas the group will be focusing on in the coming years.

Lauterbach’s German hospital reform set to launch

Germany’s cabinet government has approved Health Minister Karl Lauterbach’s controversial hospital reform. The draft law will now go to the Bundestag, where it is likely to pass. After several months of political wrangling, the final version is focused on moving hospital financing away from DRG-based fee-per-service payments. 

PAI Partners to acquire Vamed rehab clinics

French PE firm PAI Partners will become the new owner of Fresenius Vamed’s rehab business. Vamed is currently a subsidiary of German health care conglomerate Fresenius, who will continue to hold a minority stake.

UK ophtha market heating up, whilst Germany’s remains cool

The UK’s for-profit ophthalmology sector is heating up, with multiple groups likely to come up for sale this year. This is being driven by the long term increase in the amount of cataract surgeries the NHS is outsourcing. Meanwhile deal activity in Germany’s sector is still on pause, due to a decrease in cataract surgery post Covid.

Top 5 European ophthalmology players

This infographic showcases Europe's top 5 ophthalmology players by revenue in the reporting period 2018–2022: Veonet Group, Sanoptis, Artemis Augenkliniken, Clinica Baviera, and Optegra.

Log My Care secures £3 million funding from Mercia Ventures

Log My Care, a digital platform care management platform, has secured £3 million in funding from Mercia Ventures. This new investment boosts the company's total funding to over £7 million, and is not Mercia Ventures’ first investment in the business.

Nordic Capital decides to hold onto Alloheim

PE firm Nordic Capital has decided not to sell German nursing home group Alloheim, and instead to refinance it. Nordic Capital says it wants to hold onto the group “for the foreseeable future”.

RAD-x acquired by Swiss Life Asset Managers and Vesper Infrastructure Partners

Investment firms Swiss Life Asset Managers and Vesper Infrastructure Partners have acquired RAD-x, a diagnostic imaging platform operating in Germany and Switzerland. The deal is the latest in a series of major acquisitions by infrastructure funds within the diagnostics and medical imaging segment.

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