Nordic Capital decides to hold onto Alloheim

PE firm Nordic Capital has decided not to sell German nursing home group Alloheim, and instead to refinance it. Nordic Capital says it wants to hold onto the group “for the foreseeable future”.

RAD-x acquired by Swiss Life Asset Managers and Vesper Infrastructure Partners

Investment firms Swiss Life Asset Managers and Vesper Infrastructure Partners have acquired RAD-x, a diagnostic imaging platform operating in Germany and Switzerland. The deal is the latest in a series of major acquisitions by infrastructure funds within the diagnostics and medical imaging segment.

Meet the new generation of doctorpreneurs

Doctors are becoming increasingly interested in setting up clinics and running them as proper businesses. We spoke to Romesh Angunawela, who has recently completed an MBA especially for physicians in the US, and is the co-founder of OCL Vision, a three-clinic ophtha group in the UK. He shared his view on this trend and the factors driving it.

The new way to consolidate?

Consolidation has been the primary way that PE-backed private health care groups have grown in Europe. A lot of the low hanging fruit has now been picked. But canny investors are adopting new models to open up new consolidation opportunities.

AMEOS opens new medical campus in Germany

AMEOS Gruppe, Germany’s fourth largest hospital group by revenue, has opened a medical campus in Halberstadt, Saxony-Anhalt, to provide the clinical stage of medical degrees for 40 doctors a years, as part of a degree program which AMEOS has been running for the past three years in partnership with a Croatian university.

German hospital sector turmoil may ultimately benefit for-profits

For-profit hospital groups in Germany are not immune to the cost pressures which are causing many public hospitals to become insolvent. But the CEO of Germany’s fourth largest group, Ameos, tells us the restructuring of Germany’s hospital sector is necessary, and that for-profit groups may ultimately benefit by gaining greater market share.

EU’s AI Act gets the greenlight from the European Commission

Despite opposition, the AI Act seems to be ploughing ahead right on schedule. This week, two key groups of lawmakers - the European Commission's civil liberties (LIBE) and internal market (IMCO) committees - gave their overwhelming support for the new law, which should come into force this summer.

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