Comparing European care markets

In this week's infographic we take a closer look at the for-profit adult and elderly care market across Europe. We look at how the for-profit markets compare across the different countries as well as at the types of care, most predominant in those countries. We have compared the markets based on a Euro per capita basis.

Inflow of doctors to Europe’s top five healthcare markets

Migration of health care workforce frequently makes headline news, but in this infographic we use OECD data to take a closer look at the inflow of doctors in to the top five European healthcare markets since 2015. We then provide a breakdown of country of origin for those countries in the last reported year.

European nursing homes – a five market comparison

This week we take a closer look at how the elderly residential nursing home market stacks up, specifically in five major European markets - France, Spain, Germany, Italy and UK. Here we compare the total, and for profit and public/not-for-profit market revenues, and look at where the international operators have the largest revenues. These figures are a snapshot of the position based on revenues in 2020 taken from our nursing homes reports in HBI Intelligence and the operator database.

Avoidable mortality

In this infographic based on data from the WHO mortality database, we look at preventable mortality in OECD countries - which should be a guide to which areas payors might want to pay particular attention to when funding healthcare systems, and how much weight to ascribe to each area.

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