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Europe’s 10 fastest-growing teleradiology companies

As part of our research for the HBI Intelligence report, we have identified the fastest-growing teleradiology service providers based in Europe. But how long can they keep up this high double-digit sales growth?

Which countries are using medical drones and how?

The government of India's second most populated state has recently struck a deal with California-based start-up Zipline that will see autonomous drones deliver blood products, vaccines and medication. This week HBI looks at where else medical drones are being deployed across the world...

Private sector share of diagnostic imaging in Europe

For this week's infographic, we offer a sneak peak at the private sector's share of diagnostic imaging in 13 major markets in Europe and the GCC. It is a snippet of our in-progress HBI Intelligence report on diagnostic imaging, which will be accessible to HBI Intelligence users shortly.

What are Germany’s biggest for-profit healthcare markets?

Germany spends more on healthcare in real terms than any country in Europe. Alongside France, it also has the highest spending ratio for healthcare at 11.2% GDP. Here, we show you how the German for-profit healthcare market breaks down by sector and give you some insight into M&A in its three biggest markets.

Visualising the crisis in homecare staff

The ratio between nurses and personal carers and populations over 65 tells you a lot about a country's ability to provide adequate homecare. Here we track the number for eight OECD countries. Overall the ratio has dropped.

Medicalised homecare across Europe: who uses it the most?

We take a look at medicalised homecare user rates across Europe, which reflect the take-up of specialised medical treatment in the home by the whole population and give us interesting insights into how numerous markets operate: France, Iceland and Benelux use it far more than anyone else.

OECD imaging data shows stark differences in usage

The OECD's data on imaging examinations per-person and per-machine show massive gulfs in levels of usage, as well as the concentration of the sector outside of the hospital setting in Germany and France.

How extensive is NHI coverage in emerging markets?

As governments in South Africa and Uganda are preparing to put national health insurance (NHI) bills to parliaments, HBI looks at schemes already in place and the extent of coverage based on the latest available data.

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