Tracking health care expenditure growth

In the following infographics we look at OECD data illustrating how health care expenditure has changed over the past few years across several European countries. These three examples show quite different patterns of expenditure growth.

Opportunities in diagnostic imaging and teleradiology

The imaging sector presents a significant opportunity for private investors and operators, given its strong fundamentals and low levels of consolidation. Speakers on the ‘Opportunities in diagnostic imaging and teleradiology’ panel at HBI 2023 were particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity in Germany and France, and about building teleradiology platforms.

Survival rates for all types of cancer on the rise

Over the last 40 years the survival rate for cancer has risen from 49% to around 70%, according to data presented by Ralph Hefti, Stingray Healthcare's CEO, in the 'Opportunities in Oncology' panel at HBI 2023.

Organic growth more attractive than M&A

This week we share some fascinating data from Hedley Goldberg, managing director at Rothschild & Co, which was presented in the 2023 healthcare M&A landscape panel at HBI 2023.

Spain is registering doctors faster than patients are aging

The international healthcare workforce crisis has two main factors - populations are aging pushing demand for healthcare up, and there is a problem with supply as groups struggle to train, hire and retain doctors. That said, in Spain at least, the number of registered doctors is growing at a quicker rate than the population is aging.

Top destinations for holiday dialysis

In its recent ESG report, multinational dialysis firm Diaverum revealed the top 10 countries in Europe and internationally where patients use the group's holiday dialysis treatment.

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