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FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Remote patient monitoring and telehealth that massively cuts costs

A combination of remote patient monitoring and telehealth for patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, COPD, Hypertension and Cardiovascular conditions that demonstrates a 46.5pc drop in costs compared with traditional Primary Care services, 32 % fewer hospital admissions, 42% fewer doctors appointments and 59% less time spent with home nurses.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Using spare capacity to offer low-cost imaging

Virtual network of 38 diagnostic centres in Switzerland, set to increase to 45-50 by June 2018. Corpus has built a platform providing flat rate imaging to HMOs and doctors for a discount of between 10% and 45%. This is achieved by acting as a preferred provider organisation for its partners, and through building volume with local exclusivity offerings for its diagnostic centres, directing patients from HMOs to these centres.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Halving the cost of dialysis

How do you slash the cost of dialysis to a level affordable in country with a GDP per capita of $1,600 and where public dialysis is often of poor quality? NephroPlus, India's largest dialysis chain has managed to cut costs for private pay from $30-40 to $20-25 in the private sector and its outsourced offering to the public sector costs just $15. It has achieved this through a focus on process, effectively leveraging its scale for procurement, creating an in-house training centre and internal maintenance and quality teams.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Creating a thriving low-cost care home chain in the UK

Despite servicing local authorities at fee levels that are 75% of the UK national average, Advinia grew EBITDARM more than 30% and sustained occupancy levels at 96% in 2017. It has achieved this through the creation and implementation of process, workflows and rigorous training along with the use of technology. The cost savings associated to this is £1.3m per annum over the last four years.  It recently bought a portfolio of 22 homes from Bupa which has seen Advinia grow to 3,250 beds across 38 homes, employing 4,000 members of staff.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Sub-$1,000, whole genome sequencing

Veritas has cut the price of whole genome sequencing to below $1,000, including results and insights on 1,200 conditions, 70+ traits and 200 drug interactions via an app. Any physician or consumer can order their whole genome sequence and interpretation online.  The judges felt the huge price cut in whole genome sequencing made Veritas the category winner.

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