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Interview: BCG’s Michael Thorwarth – growth potential in the lab sector

Last week Healthcare Europa reported that Australian lab group Sonic Healthcare had acquired German anatomical pathology practice Pathologie Trier. With the European lab market looking increasingly consolidated, Healthcare Europa speaks to Boston Consulting Group partner Dr Michael Thorwarth about where he thinks growth potential in the sector lies.

Programme that minimises radiation doses for CT scans

CT scans, particularly in emergency settings, can generate high doses of radiation. Affidea has rolled out a programme across its 235 centres in 16 countries which prescribes levels for 72 different CT scans. This is based on its database of 75,000 examinations a month. This has led to Affidea creating 105 unified protocols to standardize operating procedures for CT scans. This program is key to Affidea’s strategy for winning international tenders.

Optimising nursing workload and staff allocation

ISMETT is an organ transplant centre developed in partnership between the Region of Sicily, the Civico and Cervello Hospitals in Palermo and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In 2013 it developed a Nursing Care Score system, built into the electronic health record to optimise nursing workload and staff allocation. The system takes 53 nursing work tasks and assigns them a score. This is then used to determine the nurse to patient ratio and the nurse’s tasks related to each patient. The outcomes have had a positive impact on nurse job satisfaction and the frequency of adverse events.

Building international homecare businesses

Domiciliary homecare is regarded with much scepticism by private equity and many large nursing home groups. How do you build quality?  How do you compete with mom'n'pops? But some groups are definitely building scale internationally.

Unilabs: Culture and brand transformation

A year ago we spent an evening with Jos Lamers, the CEO of Unilabs. A company doctor, who specialises in turning companies around, Lamers changed 80% of the top 100 top managers at Unilabs within 18 months of arrival. He decidedly (and correctly) delegated responsibility for achieving ambitious targets down to national managers. Yet here was this ambitious, tough-talking CEO enthusiastically describing the value of 360 degree reviews, the need for senior managers to reveal their vulnerabilities and ways in which people can achieve personal and performance change within the workplace. Blending a pragmatic, turnaround mindset with an appreciation of the softer skills required for managing change as clearly worked. Unilabs has dramatically lowered churn, upped organic growth and halved recruitment costs. We talked to Samantha Laurent, Unilabs’ Chief People Officer to find out more.

Interview: Giuseppe Recchi, CEO and Rowland Illing, CMO, Affidea

In a wide-ranging interview, we look at Affidea’s strategy and view of the market covering everything from partnerships with AI outfits, elite hospitals and payors through to the growth of private pay and the opportunities to manage entire health systems. How will the imaging services and radiotherapy group with HBI estimated sales of around €370m in 2017 grow and build over the next five years?

Interview: Franz-Robert Klingan, Bain & Company

Healthcare Europa speaks to Franz-Robert Klingan, Munich-based partner at global consultants Bain & Company who runs its healthcare private equity practice for EMEA, to find out his three key messages from the last year and where he thinks the hotbeds of activity will be going forward.