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Interview: Konstantin Mehl, Founder & CEO, Kaia Health

We talk to Konstantin Mehl, the founder of Kaia, a digital therapy app for chronic lower back pain which recently closed its Series A and is seeing 25% monthly organic growth in paying B2C users, he claims.

Interview: Hannah Simon, COO, European Cannabis Holdings

We talk to the COO of European Cannabis Holdings (ECH), one of the continent's most ambitious investors in a sector which saw $13.8bn in global M&A activity in 2018, up 400% from the previous year. The group, which is behind the UK's first medical cannabis clinic, may follow the lead of successful Canadian IPOs with a London listing.

PE sniffing around Aleris

Investor is to complete its pullout from the health care services sector according to sources. Having flogged Aleris' primary care arm to and its care business to Ambea, we hear it now wants to sell off its hospital business in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Can you internationalise digital mental health platforms?

Earlier this year, German hospital and psychiatric specialist Asklepios bought a Dutch platform for mental health services despite no reimbursement in place at the time. Only yesterday did the German Ministry of Health announce a draft bill for the reimbursement of digital therapy software. We speak to the CEOs of Dutch platform Karify, UK platform Xenzone as well as the CEO of French international psychiatric clinics, Clinéa, about the risks of going international.

Does Value Health have a future?

Value health is the revolutionary idea pioneered by Harvard guru Michael Porter. He had the temerity to suggest providers should be rewarded for quality, rather than activity and that the patient should be viewed and consulted as customers. Invented in the early noughties, it hit a high water mark 7-8 years ago when Obamacare was rolled out incorporating the concept. Then it felt like an inexorable river.

TVM in JV with Ukrainian rehabilitation group

Dubai-based TVM Capital Healthcare has invested in a joint venture with a Ukrainian group whose founder pioneered a method of cerebral palsy rehabilitation. It is not the first Middle Eastern player to splash on East European rehab expertise.

Can Americans at TPG understand Emerging Market health care?

Private equity giant TPG Capital has signed a definitive agreement to manage now-defunct Abraaj's $1bn healthcare fund. Some investors may want a re-pivot towards greenfield projects in countries like Pakistan and Nigeria, we are told, while existing portfolio and fund staff may be growing frustrated at the Americans' slow decision-making.

DocPlanner flying towards Unicorn status

DocPlanner, the online booking and rating platform rival to Doctolib, has just closed a Series E funding round for €80m, but the company says it has "some way to go" to unicorn status. 

Is Spanish mental health hotting up?

Recent activity in Spanish psychiatry and mental health suggests growth on this market is picking up speed. Who are the emerging consolidators? We speak to market experts following this space.

Interview: Tanya Little, Life Healthcare

One of South Africa's largest acute care groups is piloting a nurse-led, bricks and mortar but digitally managed, primary care model based in a retail unit. Confused? HBI speaks to group operations executive, Tanya Little, at Life Healthcare to find out more.

DACH: Opportunities and pitfalls

A robust DACH session at HBI 2019 reached broad agreement over the most - and least - favourable areas for investment in healthcare in the region, but struggled to agree on the likely implication of the key legislation about to be brought in.

New law lifts lid on who is consolidating German outpatient

More private equity groups have been buying acute hospitals in Germany to enter the wider outpatient sector, now their only option since a new law was passed on May 1. It has made it easier to track who is entering the outpatient market.

How are the big diagnostic labs doing?

We examine a feast of data, the 2018 results, from Cerba, Synlab and Unilabs and contrast them with Sonic and Eurofins. What do they tell us about their performance across routine lab testing, acquisitions and diversification?

Korian enters the Dutch market

Europe's largest nursing home group by revenue has expanded into the Netherlands with the acquisition of a small, high-end Alzheimer's specialist. We speak to a Dutch adviser about the move.

Portugal’s public insurer close to announcing new price list

The health insurer for Portugal's 1.2 million civil servants says it will soon announce its new price list for services rendered by the country's private hospitals, the biggest of which briefly cut ties with the body at the start of 2019. We talk to one of their executives.

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