Mid Europa to sell Romanian provider Regina Maria for over €1 billion 

Mid Europa Partners, a central and eastern Europe-focused PE investor, is selling Regina Maria, Romania’s second largest private health care provider by revenue, after almost a decade of ownership. Turkish group Acibadem is rumoured to be likely to bid, although the group would not confirm this to HBI.

Who are the UK’s top 5 dentistry groups?

Who are the biggest dentistry groups in the UK? In this infographic we look at the UK's top 5 for-profit dentistry groups, using 2022 and 2023 revenue figures.

Meet the new generation of doctorpreneurs

Doctors are becoming increasingly interested in setting up clinics and running them as proper businesses. We spoke to Romesh Angunawela, who has recently completed an MBA especially for physicians in the US, and is the co-founder of OCL Vision, a three-clinic ophtha group in the UK. He shared his view on this trend and the factors driving it.

The new way to consolidate?

Consolidation has been the primary way that PE-backed private health care groups have grown in Europe. A lot of the low hanging fruit has now been picked. But canny investors are adopting new models to open up new consolidation opportunities.

Affidea buys dental clinic in Spain and expands in Italy

Pan-European imaging and diagnostics firm Affidea has bought an advanced dental services clinic in Spain - the first such acquisition by the group - as well as two polyclinics in Italy. HBI understands the dental acquisition is part of the group's long-term strategy to move away from only providing diagnostic imaging to being more of an integrated care platform offering a range of outpatient services.

Gilde Healthcare acquires stake in Swiss Dental Solutions

Capital investor Gilde Healthcare acquires a majority stake in Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) through its private equity fund. SDS aims to accelerate its growth in both Europe and the US and become a world leader in the emerging market of ceramic dental implants.

EDG sale predicted for Q1 2024

Multiple sources tell HBI that Nordic Capital-owned multinational European Dental Group (EDG) will be back on the market in Q1 ’24. HBI also hears Mehilainen could be back in the shop window soon too.

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