US homecare tech specialist buys Home Instead

US-based homecare tech specialist Honor Technology has acquired Home Instead, the global leader of franchise homecare services. The deal creates a global homecare group worth more than $2.1 billion in homecare revenue.  HBI chats with sources including Home Instead's UK CEO to find out what the deal means for markets outside of the United States.

Visualising the crisis in homecare staff

The ratio between nurses and personal carers and populations over 65 tells you a lot about a country's ability to provide adequate homecare. Here we track the number for eight OECD countries. Overall the ratio has dropped.

Japan: Overview of health and care system and LT care insurance

Japan has a large and thriving for-profit elderly care sector and leads the world with its long-term insurance policy that is mandatory for everyone over 40.  We talk to Matt McEnany, a manager at the Japanese think tank Health and Global Policy Institute about the Japanese care and hospital sectors, the direction of reform, the market share of the top five for-profit groups in care and plans to export the Japanese model.

Selling whole genome sequencing to consumers

Javier Echevarria, CEO, Europe and LatAm of Veritas International (VI) has one of the most interesting challenges in marketing - how do you persuade wealthy consumers to spend around $2,000 on predictive whole genome sequencing (WGS)?  He has a broad canvas - his remit is to sell across LatAm, UAE, Europe and Japan.

European domiciliary care provider breaks even in Asia

Buurtzorg, a Dutch domiciliary care business, is finally breaking even on the Asian market after a challenging first few years. We speak to Buurtzorg Asia's CEO Stephan Dyckerhoff about the difficulties of implementing his model in the far East.

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