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SE Asian hospitals see the future clearly

A session at Healthcare Asia on market trends and opportunities in SE Asia brought together three of the largest hospital groups in SE Asia – Siloam in Indonesia, Metro Pacific in The Philippines and KPJ in Malaysia. So how do they see the world and what strategies are they adopting?

“Nearly half a million Chinese medical tourists in 2015,” says expert

Nearly 500,000 patients from China travelled abroad for treatment in 2015 with 95% going to other Asian countries. That’s according to a survey by consultancy Global Growth Markets presented at the Private Healthcare Summit in London. But Pete Read, CEO of GGM, says that fear surrounding the lack of follow-up care is a big problem.

Decline in the number of GCC patients travelling to the West, but regional medical tourism booms

GCC governments are doing everything they can to keep patients at home. It's working: between 2014 and 2016, private hospitals in the USA, the UK and Germany have all seen a drop in the number of medical tourists from the region - with Germany experiencing a fall of nearly 60%. Graham Elderfield, founder of consultancy Glenfield Consulting, explained why at the Private Healthcare Summit 2017 in London.

Fortis targets post-acute homecare to improve AVLOS and profits

India’s second largest healthcare chain Fortis is partnering with home hospitalisation specialist Healthcare At Home India (HCAHI). But the post-acute homecare segment brings its own set of challenges, says Raghava Rao, executive director of consultancy Camomile Healthcare Ventures.

Life’s CEO to depart end of June – hunt for replacement begins

Having presided over a 36% drop in the value of the company's shares since taking charge just over three years ago, Life Healthcare's CEO André Meyer is to step down from his role at South Africa's second largest hospital group. In the short term, he will be replaced by current CFO Pieter van der Westhuize.
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Insight & Interviews

Chinese investors – ready to take the plunge in Brazil?

Are the Chinese targeting the Brazilian healthcare market in a big way ahead of an expected boom, and if so, what are they planning to do? And why is one of the largest PE houses in the country planning to exit one of the country's largest healthcare maintenance organisations (HMOs)? Healthcare Nova speaks with Martin Benitez, CEO of Brazilian advisory MR Consultoria, about the state of the Brazilian healthcare market.

Interview: Eyal Gura tells us how Zebra Medical Vision has set its gaze on revolutionizing healthcare

Zebra Medical Vision is an Israeli health tech startup using AI to find patterns camouflaged in medical images. It has developed software solutions for 11 conditions and is seeking out providers to take them on. At the IFC conference in Barcelona earlier this month, we spoke to Eyal Gura, co-founder and chairman, about Zebra and also KolGene, which promises to Uberize the genetics market.

HBI 2017: Are non-specialised hospitals doomed?

As payers move away from rewarding volume towards rewarding value, care delivery is increasingly organised outside of hospitals. But to what extent is it happening? Speakers at the 2017 HBI conference suggested that while it is too early too announce the death of hospital care, operators are facing some severe disruptions.

HBI 2017: What is changing in the healthcare landscape in Emerging Markets?

Emerging Markets will make up 68% of the global GDP and 59% of global consumer spending growth by 2030. But how is the investment landscape changing, and where is the money flowing to? At the HBI 2017 conference in London, Hedley Goldberg, global head of healthcare services at Rothschild, Chinta Bhagat, head of Global Healthcare at Malaysian investment fund Khazanah Nasional Berhad, a big investor in hospital chain IHH, and Khawar Mann, managing director for healthcare at Abraaj, shared their expert views.

Interview: Neil van Heerden, Chief Marketing Officer at Caremondo and FairMed Online

Singapore-based second opinions group FairMed Online bought the Munich-based Caremondo medical tourism agency three months ago. That gives FairMed control over a patient pathway that stretches from a new diagnosis to treatment - but also across the world. Neil van Heerden, chief marketing officer at FairMed, told us what’s next for the rapidly growing online player.

Interview: Frederic Llordachs, co-founder of review and booking site Doctoralia

Doctoralia, the Spanish-based online healthcare appointment booking and review site with a strong presence in Latin America merged with its Polish-based competitor DocPlanner last year. Healthcare Europa talks to Doctoralia co-founder Dr. Frederic Llordachs, now a partner at DocPlanner, about business models, the merger, and the future of booking sites.

Interview: Fadil Elamin, Founder, Khartoum Dentist, Sudan

Sudan is open for business. And those willing to take the risk of entering a previously sieged economy, may find themselves turning over more than $32m a year, just like Fadil Elamin who runs Khartoum Dentist, a growing chain of dental clinics in the capita

Interview: Prof Dr Hatem Elgabaly, CEO, RX Health Management

A serial healthcare entrepreneur who also spent five years as Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, Prof Elgabaly is now raising a $200m healthcare fund for investment in Healthcare in Africa and is already at present proceeding with investments. We talk to him about the Egyptian and wider African markets and about his investment approach.
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Real solutions for retention and recruitment

Recruitment, retention and training are now the primary challenges for the healthcare services industry. The obvious solution to keeping staff - paying more – is no longer working. Private operators around the world are now fishing in a global market that's short of 15m healthcare workers. So what practical solutions are operators putting into force and what really works? We talk to 25 operators from across the world.

MBAs and executive training courses – are they worth the time and money?

You can’t become an expert in healthcare services overnight - but there are courses, MBAs or much shorter executive training courses - which say they can help to transform you or your staff into the next generation of healthcare managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. But can they really do this - and are they good value for money? Where should you send yourself, or your staff, to fill any gaps in knowledge that might be putting the brakes on a career? And does it matter if the management course isn’t focussed on healthcare at all?

Spotlight on labs: India and Brazil

We look at labs in India, and profile the big lab and imaging groups in Brazil. Future articles will also look at the sector in China and across SE Asia and Africa.

The future of healthcare in Nigeria: PPPs and the NHIS?

Healthcare investors generally take a fancy to Nigeria. Africa’s most populous country has a growing middle class and will one day finally put some distance between itself and South Africa as its largest economy. The petrodollars already flow freely into healthcare. But no one has bothered to keep them in the country: not the existing fragmented private sector, nor the government, which has other priorities – President Buhari has been treated in London, after all! So, surely, all that’s left to do is fly in, start a JV with a local partner, consolidate and cut off the medical tourism leak at source?

Latam countries thriving despite recession

Despite, or perhaps because of the recession, prospects for private healthcare services in Latin America are good. The financial crisis in public healthcare is forcing governments to rethink attitudes to the private sector and to open up the sector to external investors. And new, innovative models are emerging. In this 6,000 word report we give a detailed analysis of the six main markets – Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia, and over the next few days we'll be profiling those major players, country by country.

Universal health coverage and private health care: Friends or foes?

Universal Health Coverage is now explicitly targeted by the third sustainable development goal set out by the United Nations. Increasingly, governments around the world want to offer it to their citizenry. Where the capacity will come from is less certain. In this report, Healthcare Nova asks experts at the forefront of UHC schemes from India to Mexico, where UHC is today and what role the private sector should play in extending healthcare access to the poor?

Private insurers in East Asia: Between a rock and a hard place

Private medical insurers face colossal problems in China, India and across South East Asia. At this month’s Asia Healthcare Summit in Singapore, they were better at describing the challenges of culture, fraud and overtreatment than they were at coming up with solutions.

KPMG report: Global trends in aged care

In its Global trends in aged care report, KPMG identifies five key themes that are likely to shape the elderly care market - based on interviews with experts in 20 countries.
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