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Thonburi Hospital Group goes public in Bangkok, and share price plummets in one week

Thonburi Hospital Group (THG) went public on the Bangkok stock exchange on Thursday, December 7. Market cap when trading opened on the first day suggested it was nearly a US$1bn company (32.3bn baht), but this has dropped to US$808m (26bn baht), at the time of writing, as shares have dropped 28% from the initial offer price. We talk to a source close to THG to find out more.

Max India share price falls, as government cancels a hospital licence

Shares in Max India, the holding company for Max Healthcare, Max Bupa Health and Antara Senior Living, have fallen by over four per cent since Monday, after the Delhi Government cancelled the licence of its Max Healthcare Shalimar Bagh hospital following the death of a premature baby last week.

Argentinian healthcare overhaul meets with opposition

Reforms designed to overhaul universal health coverage in Argentina, which will also see the introduction of country-wide electronic health records, are meeting with strong union opposition. We speak to an Argentinian healthcare expert to find out more.

The pace of Saudi reform and outsourcing

Talk of an explosion in private sector opportunities in developing the Saudi health sector abound and are getting active attention from Houston to New Delhi. 

IDH, Man Capital and IFC take stakes Nigerian diagnostic-group Echo-Scan

LSE-listed Integrated Diagnostics (IDH) acquired a majority stake in Nigerian lab and imaging group Echo-Scan today with its family office partner Man Capital. The development bank IFC also took an equity stake and all three partners will invest a total of $25m to expand the group.
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Insight & Interviews

Interview: Shamsheer Vayalil, CEO, VPS Healthcare

VPS Healthcare, the GCC/Indian hospital and generic drugs group, with 2017 sales of about $1bn, plans to IPO within 2-3 years. Meanwhile, it wants to invest $150m in Indian hospitals. VPS founder 40 year-old Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, has also just launched a private equity fund Trovant Capital which has made its first investment buying a hunk of Amanat, a GCC fund which is investing (rather slowly) in healthcare and education. We caught up with him in London.

Interview: Anuj Arenja, CEO, QI Spine Clinic

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle in India is creating patients with more back and neck problems. Healthcare Nova speaks to Anuj Arenja, CEO of Indian spinal care chain QI Spine Clinic. He thinks he has a non-surgical answer, and is making £150m plans to more than quadruple his business over the next four years with expansion at home and abroad. 

Interview: Enrique Samper, CEO, NIMGenetics

Spanish laboratory company NIMGenetics has set its sights on Latam, and says it expects to see massive growth from its newly set-up businesses in the region. Healthcare Europa speaks to founder and CEO Enrique Samper about how he’s looking abroad, while facing problems at home.

Interview: Dr Asaad Riad, Egypt In-Touch Assistance

Foreign investors are looking eagerly at Egypt ahead of government reforms which will allow private providers to treat publicly funded patients. Healthcare Nova speaks to Dr Asaad Riad, general manager for Egyptian medical travel assistance and insurance company Egypt In-Touch Assistance.

Interview: Nico de Waal, CEO, PSG Alpha

South African investor PSG Alpha took a 50% stake in nursing home group Evergreen Lifestyle for US$50m this month. The elderly care opportunity in the country is huge, says CEO Nico De Waal, but the problem is knowing where to start with precious little to consolidate.

Black-owned healthcare investment company lists in Johannesburg, is on the hunt for acquisitions

RH Bophelo is South Africa's first black-owned healthcare acquisition company. It floated on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in July, and thinks it has found its niche - targeting perviously uncatered for lower to middle income families, and consolidating the small players operating in a highly fragmented domestic market working in the shadow of the big three. Healthcare Nova caught up with CEO Quinton Zunga to find out more.

Interview: Teo Sarda, Sphera Global Health Care

Operating in 25 countries and across four continents, Sphera Global Health Care is building a global network of local expertise. Working mainly with insurers, the group acts as a middle man to assist access to international-standard medical services through local infrastructure – if it is not available. We speak to CEO Teo Sarda.
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Where is the genetics industry headed?

The company to offer the first thousand dollar genome claims it will soon have a monopoly in genetics to rival that of Amazon in retail. In doing so, could Veritas Genetics finally deliver on the false promises of the industry and revolutionise healthcare as a whole? 

For-profit medical education – a survey

Public sector education is failing to build the nursing and doctor capacity that is needed around the world.  We talk to academic Kevin Kinser at PennState University in the USA who specialises in tracking the for-profit tertiary education sector about the sector in general and about healthcare specifically.  This is part of a series of articles on medical training and the private sector. 

Real solutions for retention and recruitment

Recruitment, retention and training are now the primary challenges for the healthcare services industry. The obvious solution to keeping staff - paying more – is no longer working. Private operators around the world are now fishing in a global market that's short of 15m healthcare workers. So what practical solutions are operators putting into force and what really works? We talk to 25 operators from across the world.

MBAs and executive training courses – are they worth the time and money?

You can’t become an expert in healthcare services overnight - but there are courses, MBAs or much shorter executive training courses - which say they can help to transform you or your staff into the next generation of healthcare managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. But can they really do this - and are they good value for money? Where should you send yourself, or your staff, to fill any gaps in knowledge that might be putting the brakes on a career? And does it matter if the management course isn’t focussed on healthcare at all?

Spotlight on labs: India and Brazil

We look at labs in India, and profile the big lab and imaging groups in Brazil. Future articles will also look at the sector in China and across SE Asia and Africa.

The future of healthcare in Nigeria: PPPs and the NHIS?

Healthcare investors generally take a fancy to Nigeria. Africa’s most populous country has a growing middle class and will one day finally put some distance between itself and South Africa as its largest economy. The petrodollars already flow freely into healthcare. But no one has bothered to keep them in the country: not the existing fragmented private sector, nor the government, which has other priorities – President Buhari has been treated in London, after all! So, surely, all that’s left to do is fly in, start a JV with a local partner, consolidate and cut off the medical tourism leak at source?

Latam countries thriving despite recession

Despite, or perhaps because of the recession, prospects for private healthcare services in Latin America are good. The financial crisis in public healthcare is forcing governments to rethink attitudes to the private sector and to open up the sector to external investors. And new, innovative models are emerging. In this 6,000 word report we give a detailed analysis of the six main markets – Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia, and over the next few days we'll be profiling those major players, country by country.
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